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The Pop Hunters!

Hello Pop Hunters!

Just a college student out of El Paso, Texas.

I am here to help you complete your Pop! Vinyl collection!

The Pop Hunters will attempt to bring you the best prices possible for all your Funko Pop! needs.

Most often lower if not similar to the prices listed on !


Shipping Policy 

Claims for Goods damaged or lost in transit must be made by Buyer directly to the carrier and Seller shall have no liability for such claims. We offer two types of shipping methods Priority and Standard Shipping. With each option we present the opportunity of choosing a single box with packing material or a double box which to better protect your purchases. We highly recommend the double box option if you consistently have bad experiences with your mail arriving in bad conditions. Currently we are shipping to the USA, Mexico, Canada, UK and Australia. Shipping is nonrefundable on returns or exchanges.

Single Box- Includes bubble wrap and packing material to stop it from moving.


Double Box- Includes the single box inside another box with packing material for maximum security. (This is how all items ship out internationally)


Return Policy

Due to the nature of the product and the fluctuation of their prices all sales are final. We do not ask for our product back when the price rises and you should not ask for a refund when the price falls. We will not accept returns. Any and all cancellations of any order will be subject to a 15% restocking fee no exceptions. Cancellations must be done in less than 2 hours after purchase and before they are shipped out. All products leave in 0-3 business days. A refund will not include shipping expenses. Shipping is nonrefundable. Returns will be accepted if we made a mistake on the product description or if we send a wrong item.


Imperfections and Box Conditions 

Stickers- We will always let you whether our product include their sticker or not. We will also let you know the type of sticker.

For example: Type

2016 San Diego Comic Con Sticker

2016 Summer Convention Exclusive Sticker

Box Quality- If our page doesnt give a box quality option assume the product is new in mint condition unless its specified otherwise. Box conditions are apart of the collection game we don't always find them in amazing condition but will always let you know.

For Example: Box Condition

10-9/10 Mint- No Dents, no tears on the box (Excellent Box)

8-5/10 Slight Damage- Might contain a few minor dents, tiny tears and or scratches(shelf wear). (Acceptable Box)

4-1/10 Sever Damage- May contain major Dents,tears,bent cardboard (Horrible box)

Pop Paint and Detail- We are not responsible for any imperfections on pop. We do not open them and examine them for imperfections.


For any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at:







We'll make sure to respond as quickly as possible!

Thank you for shopping with us!